Baker Institute and South Texas College of Law Team Up to Address Marijuana Policy

In June 2013, Rice University’s Baker Institute cheap jerseys from China for Public Policy and South Texas College of Law (STCL) began a collaboration to address marijuana policy. Last fall, second and third-year STCL students began participating in an upper-level elective course focused on researching and drafting model legislation for states that have legalized marijuana.

The program provides a highly educational experience for law school students interested in this area of law. With ?Quiénes assistance from the Baker Institute Drug Policy Program, ambitious law students are drafting legislation and statutes related to the important regulatory issues of taxation, liability, and licensing rules for dispensaries and growers.

The collaboration was suggested by Rehman Bhalesha, a STCL student with a special interest in drug policy.

Leaders of this program include:

  • William Martin – Director of the Drug Policy Program and the Harry and Hazel Chavanne Senior Fellow in Religion and Public Policy at the Baker Institute;

  • Nathan Jones – Alfred C. Glassell III Postdoctoral Fellow in Drug Policy at the Baker Institute; and

  • Dru Stevenson – Professor of Law and Helen and Harry Hutchins Research Professor at South Texas College of Law

“As policy experts and a growing number of states, counties and municipalities consider ideas other than sweeping prohibition and harsh punishment of both medical and recreational use of marijuana, they face the complicated challenge of translating those ideas into action – into specific bills that can be enacted in legislatures and respected as legitimate by citizens,” William Martin said. “This collaboration between the Baker Institute and STCL offers an exciting opportunity to accept that challenge and cross the bridge to a more rational, humane and fiscally responsible drug policy.”

Professor Dru Stevenson will be teaching the course. “Up until now, the policy discussion and academic treatment March of drug policy issues have been mostly focused on current crisis with drug policy and the need for a change,” Stevenson said. “There hasn’t been enough attention given to how the on legal system will have to adapt after marijuana is decriminalized. We want to contribute cheap nba jerseys to this discussion by moving the debate forward and getting ahead of the curve.”

Stevenson also pointed out that the two institutions would hold panel discussions and publish and journal articles to share widely the course’s findings.

Houston NORML President Steve Nolin recently met up with the members of the program to see what can be done to cheap nba jerseys have some sample legislation ready for representatives to review in regards to introducing a bill next legislative session.

Model legislation based on Colorado’s Amendment 64 is in the works. People seem to relate to alcohol prohibition and for immigration something that is less harmful to your body than alcohol to be regulated as a schedule 1 drug is ridiculous. Having legislation that is wholesale nba jerseys ready to go with minor adjustments will greatly speed along the process that legislation has to go through to get to the governor’s desk. The discussion is starting to become a matter of when, not if, and we think Texas is ready. A 2013 Public Policy Polling Survey showed 58% of Texans support legislation to regulate marijuana like alcohol. This seems like it will be a great way to get the ball rolling and being proactive with our elected representatives in regards an to ending marijuana prohibition in Texas.

The results from last semester should be on the Baker Institute’s web site shortly. At the meeting Professor Stevenson said the students really went above and beyond on the assignment and it showed that this is a subject that a lot of people are passionate about.

For more information, see the Press Release announcing the program and the video below with Nathan Jones and Dru Stevenson discussion the program:

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