Medical Marijuana and Military Veterans

Dr. Martin from the Rice University Baker Institute is doing an article for the Texas Monthly magazine on marijuana use by veterans for PTSD and other war related injuries. He is looking for veterans to interview. Any veterans please contact him at Упраж-не-ние He said he has wholesale jerseys to turn in wholesale MLB jerseys his article in the next two weeks so he wants you Куплю to contact him as soon as possible. You can remain anonymous if you like since Texas is still kind of backwards Gibson in our marijuana laws.

There will wholesale NBA jerseys also be a NORML Veterans meeting coming up in a few months as we wholesale jerseys get our veterans group ramped up Hannah so we can let our reps know veterans need marijuana and shouldn’t be arrested for treating their injuries with a better medicine than the pharmaceuticals they give you.

Here is a link to Michael Krawitz Don’t web site who has been fighting for PBS veteran’s rights to use their medicine.

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