Fun day in the Park – North Houston NORML BBQ

Moffitt Park

Moffitt Park

North Houston NORML getting together with the Moffitts Ratz for a FUN DAY at Moffitt Park.

The Moffitt Ratz helped plant trees during Houston’s Arbor Day event at Agnes Moffitt Park Jan. 18, 2014. Volunteers planted and mulched 1,000, 5-gallon trees throughout the park. Watering and maintenance will continue throughout the next two years to ensure survival of all trees. So join us in this community event and while your at it, try your hand at the disc golf practice tee and enjoy some awesome BBQ.

Donations will go to our current focus, the MPP (Marijuana Policy Project) partnership, with their matching funds to reserve and pay for a Lobby Firms’ services and to maintain our other avenues of activism, outreach and education. Take part in changing Cannabis Laws in Texas! We NEED your support to launch and sustain our plan. We have a shot at realizing change in the near future.

Fun Day is family friendly and all ages!
Music will be provided by Randy Babcock.

Agnes Moffitt Park
10845 Hammerly Blvd
Houston, TX 77043

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