Primary Elections Tomorrow

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Primary elections are tomorrow so don’t forget to vote. Find your polling location at the following link. If you are voting in the Republican primaries be sure to present the resolutions we have been working on at your precinct convention tomorrow night after the polls close. Republican Medical Marijuana Resolution Republican Hemp Resolution Democrats can present resolutions until 1 hour after the Senate Convention has been called to order on March 22nd. Democrat Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Resolution I have had people asking which candidate supports marijuana. We had talked about various candidates that have come out in support of reforming the laws or in the case of Dutton, Allen and Stockman have introduced or co-sponsored reform legislation. The Green Party and Libertarian Party are all on board so I just listed the Democrat and Republican candidates below. Wendy Davis – Governor – Decriminalization, Medical Marijuana Miriam Martinez – Governor – Medical Marijuana Jerry Patterson – Lt. Governor – Medical Marijuana Kinky Friedman – Agricultural Commissioner – Regulate similar to alcohol Michael Fjetland – US Senate – Regulate similar to alcohol Steve Stockman – US Senate – States Rights Chris Mapp – US Senate – For medical marijuana and decriminalization; open to full legalization John Whitmire – State Senate, District 15 – Decriminalization Van Taylor – State Senate, District 8 – Open to medical marijuana Harold Dutton, Jr. – State Representative, District 142 – Decriminalization Alma Allen – State Representative, District 131 – Decriminalization Lon Burnam – State Representative, District 30 – For medical marijuana, decriminalization, and industrial hemp; open to legalization Leigh Bailey – State Representative, District 108 – For legalization Sandra Crenshaw – State Representative, District 110 – For legalization Jonathan Stickland – State Representative, District 92 – Open to medical marijuana and decriminalization Albert McDaniel – State Representative, District 95 – For industrial hemp, open to medical marijuana and decriminalization, would like to hear more facts about full legalization Mike McSpadden – District Judge 209th District – Decriminalization Kim Ogg – District Attorney – Decriminalization Let me know if I missed anyone. Here is a link the Texas League of Women Voter’s guide page so you can find out more information about these candidates and the other ones running.

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