Caravan to Austin


Members of Houston and North Houston NORML made their annual journey to Austin to march on the capitol with other NORML chapters from around the state. The weather was perfect for a road trip as our caravan of kindness headed north by northwest. Spirits were high as the crowd met up at city hall in Austin. With a police escort and headed by patients and veterans we started towards the capitol. Chants to legalize led by Texas NORML board member Jax Finkel were met with cheers from people in local establishments. The crowds swelled as the activists made their way up Congress Ave to the Texas Capitol. The speakers were led by Cheyanne Weldon along with patient liason Vincent Lopez, Heather Fazio and Bill Norton. It was a great day to get energized about changing the laws in Texas. With your help we will have some meaningful legislation coming out of Austin next year so be sure to contact your representatives and let them know you would like marijuana regulated like alcohol.

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Houston has it’s march on the second Saturday of May and for the last 8 years we have participated in the Houston Art Car Parade. This year will be our 9th consecutive year in the parade representing Houston NORML. Our theme again this year promotes our Athletic Department. We took last years idea and rebuilt and made it better than ever. The Art Car Parade will be on 05/10/2014 on Allen Parkway in down town Houston. You can check out the cars starting at 10am and the parade begins at 2pm. Houston NORML is number 210 so I hope everyone can come out and cheer for our Athletic Department and wear green:)



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