Legislation Filed to End the Prohibition of Cannabis in Texas

Houston, TX – March 2, 2015 – Texas State Representative David Simpson (R – Longview) introduced legislation today that will repeal the State’s prohibition of cannabis by eliminating all language referring to marijuana (or marihuana) from Texas Statutes.

Rep. David Simpson

House Bill 2165 will bring us back to a time when our state government did not impose criminal penalties related to the cannabis plant. This is a clear indication that efforts taken by marijuana reform organizations in Texas have made an impact. According to a poll recently conducted by UT/Texas Tribune, 76% of Texans support reducing criminal penalties for marijuana or allowing its use for medicinal purposes.

“We applaud Rep. Simpson’s virtuous and unwavering support for personal freedom. The discussion about reforming marijuana laws in the Lone Star State is clearly upon us,” states Jason Miller, Executive Director of Houston NORML, “we strongly believe that marijuana should be regulated in a manner similar to alcohol. This bill will essentially erase prohibition; allowing us to wipe the slate clean and enact sensible policy that will greatly benefit people here in the great state of Texas.”

In a statement by Rep. Simpson, he points out that our government’s nearly century-long prohibition of cannabis has been a complete failure. “Crime has been allowed to replace an innocent, proper, and accountable industry as consumer demand for the plant has remained constant in our society despite prohibition.” Simpson goes on to say, “Prohibition has encouraged countless steps away from the freedom, dignity and sanctity of the individual and their home in the name of prohibiting this simple plant.”

Houston NORML is a nonprofit, 501(c)(4) organization working to move public opinion sufficiently through open and honest conversation about reforming marijuana laws to allow for the legalization of marijuana for responsible use by adults and to educate and inform the public of the medical benefits of cannabis and the dangers of prohibition. Learn more at: HoustonNORML.org

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