What to Expect When Calling Your Rep

By Sam “The Mullet”

Don’t expect to speak to your actual representative because they are likely not in their office. When you call, you will be speaking with a staffer.

Basic rules

Before you speak with the staffer, know these basic rules:
  1. Be respectful – Odd I have to say that, I know, but still begs to be a reminder.
  2. Do not lash out at the staffer – It is not their fault your rep does not have the same views you do; vote in the 2018 midterms to replace them. Say what you need to say, the staffer will document it.
If you really want to speak with your representative face to face, you can schedule an appointment with them.

Speaking with Your Rep F2F

Again, review the basic rules as listed above. Emotionally driven discussions do not flesh out logic and only lead to nothing.
  1. Set up your talking points – Make at least three sensible points to talk about, for example: start with medicinal studies, show them the stats; if you have a story about using how you use it personally for medicine, tell it your story; end with the financial impact. For one of your three points you can also talk about big pharma, privatized prisons, drug war political history and how it was used to divide people, but in my opinion you should always end with the financial impact. Unfortunately, most of our politicians only see the bottom line.
  2. Get proof for your talking points – Print out credible sources to back up your talking points. Give it to them. Make an extra copy to leave with the staffer. Send a follow-up email to the staffer and your representative with the credible resources to back up your message.
  3. Be respectful – I cannot stress this enough. It is very easy to get emotional with hot topics, but keep your cool.
Some Resources Anxiety?

Social anxiety can be debilitating, please read this fabulous visual comic, “How to call your reps when you have social anxiety,”

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