Board of Directors – Positions

Our Board of Directors is made up of talented people willing to sacrifice their time and energy helping with the day-to-day operations of our organization. We have many vacant board positions that need to be filled! If you’re interested in serving in a board position or forming a committee, please contact us today! We want YOU to get involved with Houston NORML. Here is a list of our current board positions:

Executive Board

Executive Director – The Executive Director is in charge of the overall operations of the organization. This individual will serve as a spokesperson for the organization and will coordinate with all other officers. The Executive Director presides at all meetings, and serves as an effective liaison with other organizations, politicians, the media, the public, and the national office of NORML.

Deputy Director – The Deputy Director will assist the Executive Director in his or her duties and will serve as active director when the Executive Director is absent.

Secretary – The secretary of the organization will manage important records such as meeting minutes and the organization’s bylaws. The secretary must be present at each monthly meeting and is responsible for giving proper notice of any meetings and agendas to members of the organization.

Treasurer – The treasurer maintains accurate financial records including accounting, banking, budget tracking for purposes of reconciliation of grant and gift funding as required and disbursement of funds. Accounting should include expense and income reports by category on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis and as needed.

Communications Director – The Communications Director will serve as a spokesperson for the organization. This individual is responsible for all communications posted to the organization’s website, including blog posts, articles, and educational material made available to the public. The Communications Director must be a skilled writer and public speaker and must be able to generate content in a timely manner.

Public Information Officer – The Public Information Officer must be a licensed attorney. This individual will be responsible for submitting Texas Public Information Act requests to gather data, serve as a spokesperson for the organization and will provide legal information to the organization’s board, other members, and the public.

Director of Operations – The Director of Operations will oversee all business operations of the organization. This includes obtaining any necessary permits, coordinating events, fundraising, and merchandise.

Advisory Board

Note: the Advisory Board does not have a set number of positions. These board members will be appointed by the Executive Board as needed and will be given responsibility for a specific set of duties. These members will be overseen by one or more of the executive board members.

Veteran’s Outreach – This individual will serve as a liaison to the veteran’s community and concentrate on outreach to this demographic.

Patient Outreach Director – The patient outreach director should be someone with a professional background in the medical field or someone with who has been diagnosed with a medical condition that would qualify for medical cannabis in another state. This person will be responsible for outreach efforts involving patients and medical professionals who are supportive of our cause. This person will communicate with the medical community and will be able to identify and organize patients to come forward and tell their stories and provide testimony when needed.

Media Coordinator – The Media Coordinator will serve as a liaison to the news media and will be responsible for scheduling interviews and publishing Press Releases. The Media Coordinator will also post to the organization’s social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis.

Membership Director – The membership director will keep track of the member roster and is responsible for sending out member packets to current members.

Merchandise Coordinator – The merchandise coordinator is in charge of keeping track of inventory, ordering merchandise, and coming up with new designs and new ideas for merchandise.

Marketing Director – The Marketing Director will work to gain new sponsors. They will assist sponsors by providing advertising benefits and exposure to our audience via web, print, email, and social media.

Outreach Coordinator – This individual will be responsible for distributing literature to the public so they know how to get involved and become part of the organization.

Graphic Designer – This individual will create graphics for T-Shirts and other clothing items and will also design flyers and other graphics promoting Houston NORML and events that we hold.

Regional Directors – The Regional Director is in charge of a specific geographical region and will oversee operations for efforts and projects specific to that regional area. Houston NORML has several positions available for Regional Director of a specific outlying region of Harris County, including: