Cara Bonin - Katy NORML Director

Cara Bonin

Katy NORML Director

Cara Bonin is a sixth generation Katy, Texan, an entrepreneur, private contractor and is committed to animal rescue. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Business and minor in Animal Science from Sul Ross State University. Cara became more aware of the injustices of the war on drugs while living near the Mexican border while at college. “Our liberties are being stripped from us while others gladly give them up.” Upon returning home Cara made it her mission to help restore liberty back to the lives of her fellow Texans by advocating for limited government. Cara serves on the local government committee for Senate District 18 as a delegate for the HCRP. She is a precinct chair for Harris County PCT 639.

Cara was inspired to take on the mission to end marijuana prohibition in Texas by Ann Lee, founder of RAMP and mother of Richard Lee who founded Houston NORML back in the 90s. As a fiscal conservative she believes that Texas would save millions by reforming marijuana policy in the Lone Star State. As one who believes in personal responsibility, Cara believes that responsible adults should be allowed to have access to cannabis for recreational use and people of all ages should have access to medical cannabis as prescribed by a doctor. Marijuana prohibition has failed this country and the great state of Texas, but most of all it has failed the people.