Christopher Sum - Athletics Director

Christopher Sum

Athletics Director

Christopher Sum was born and raised in Houston, TX and is a proud Houstonian. He served honorably with the US Army Elite 2d 75th Ranger Regiment having multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in support of the Global War on Terrorism. Growing up in Houston he lived in the Heights and Oak Forest areas. Christopher is a very active person who loves the outdoors, traveling, and extreme sports. He is currently back in school perusing an undergraduate degree. He established his own company, Rgr Sum Armory, which he is a Gun/Fitness/Motorcycle trainer and an Armorer.

Christopher first heard about NORML back in 2009 at Seattle’s Hempfest in Washington State where he was stationed. He slowly started getting involved with NORML, due to his military job he was very hesitant to get active, but was a big supporter. He got out of the military in early 2011 and attended his first Houston NORML meeting that summer. That’s when he met then Director Steve Nolin. Steve told Christopher Houston NORML operated like a guerrilla operation which hit home with him, from his military service. He officially moved back to Houston in 2012 and started to get more involved and has not looked back. Chris has served as the committee chair for the Houston Art Parade. Chris is the Director of Houston’s NORML Athletic Department.

He hopes his involvement with the organization will have an impact on the community. Christopher says, “I’m very proud to be a part of this organization, I plan to continue to fight for the cause until the laws are changed. Free the Weed!”

Rangers lead the way!