Jamie Mayes - Secretary

Jamie Mayes

Jamie Mayes is a true Texan, through and through. From her upbringing in the small towns of East Texas to her move to Houston where she studied at the University of Downtown working towards her degree in Accounting. Currently, Jamie works as a Purchase Order analyst for Adroit Partners in the Houston area. Jamie is, also, a self-proclaimed artist and writer having done shows at various Art Houses around Houston.

Jamie is a relative newcomer to the Houston NORML organization, but that did not stop her from hitting the ground running. Even before she was finished with her first Houston NORML monthly meeting, she volunteered to serve on the Houston NORML Board as Secretary for the organization. Since then, she has been a vital component to the growing success of Houston NORML.

Jamie Believes:
“As a firm believer and advocate for limited government/personal responsibility I believe that the choice for medical and recreational marijuana should be one made by an individual. Prohibition has been a detriment to society and has led to the destruction of the lives of many youths through the overzealous indictments in the legal system. As a parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum I should have the right to decide what is best for my child along with the advice from our healthcare professionals. There have been numerous documented successes with the use of low THC and high Cannabinoid oils for the treatment of his disorder yet we are unable to even attempt this treatment due to government intervention and prohibition of Marijuana. Instead of being able to utilize a more natural path for his therapy we have been limited to using man-made medications that cause serious lifetime side effects. The belief that legalization leads to a path of increased usage has been debunked in the current states that allow usage – we must allow the public to stand up and take personal responsibility in their lives when deciding their own course of medical treatment and recreational usage. Only when this is allowed will we begin to see a decline in the usage by our own youth, as evidenced in other states, as well as removing the cartels/black markets in our state. NORML is and has been a formidable, steady voice in the harms of prohibition and the benefits that could come from legalization. I am honored to work with them in educating the public as well as our legislatures in order to provide the means to make an informed decision on this very serious subject.”