Susan Garlington - Treasurer

Susan Garlington


Susan Garlington is a native Texan who grew up in Brazoria County. Susan lived in Houston and Austin and is currently a Pearland homeowner. She is an accountant with a large consulting and compliance firm, and believes in less government interference in people’s lives. Susan is a proud member of the Libertarian Party.

Susan’s interest in reforming marijuana law is relatively new, but something she is passionate about. Susan was a kid during the “Just Say No” years and was programmed to believe that marijuana was a dangerous drug, no different from heroin or cocaine. Susan never thought she’d be an advocate. Having struggled with anxiety for a long time, Susan was completely frustrated by the multiple pharmaceuticals she was taking and reluctantly tried cannabis for the first time a few years ago. Cannabis is medicine and should be available to anyone who needs it or any adult who wants to use it recreationally. It has been proven to be safe and effective. The only reason she believes cannabis is illegal is the influence of big pharma and the alcohol and tobacco lobbies on our elected officials.

Susan believes it’s essential for the average Joe to come out of the cannabis closet. The world needs to see that all cannabis users aren’t the stereotypical slackers people see in films and on television. We are your neighbors and productive citizens. We coach little league, we are seated at the table next to you at dinner and we are members of the PTA.

In addition to cannabis advocacy, Susan is also a non-apologetic feminist and supporter of LGBT rights. In her spare time, she loves cooking, exploring other cultures, art, museums, football, music, reading and traveling. Susan shares her home with the best man in the entire world, her partner, Jackson, and their two French bulldogs, Duke Silver and Harley Quinn.