Houston NORML 2017 Initiatives

Candidate Mailers/Letters

Houston NORML will write formal letters to elected officials and candidates running for office, asking for their positions on key issues related to marijuana law reform, such as:
  • Legalization of Medical Marijuana
  • Decriminalization
  • Full Legalization
  • Industrial Hemp Production
Letters will be tailored to each political official/candidate. Registered voters, community leaders, precinct chairs, and Houston NORML members within each political official’s party and district will sign the letters. Houston NORML will work to set up meetings with each recipient to discuss our organization and our goals.

Street Team

Houston NORML members will attend concerts, festivals, and community events to collect signatures for marijuana reform petitions that will be sent to state representatives and state senators.
  • Information gathered from supporting signees will included:
    • Full name
    • Voting Address
    • All other information required to hold a legitimate petition drive
Signatures will be verified with the voter registration database to verify districts the supporters currently vote in and which political officials to contact. Houston NORML’s street team will also hand out literature to the community to raise awareness of marijuana reform and how to get involved with Houston NORML, while wearing Houston NORML branded clothing.

Business Relations Committee

Houston NORML will work to form strategic relationships with local businesses (e.g. smoke shops, head shops, novelty stores, gift shops, restaurants, music venues, local bands/artists). The Business Relations Committee will work to identify local businesses that can benefit from having a relationship with us.
  • Business Relations Committee members will:
    • Contact local business and set up meetings with the owners
    • Present printed literature about Houston NORML, including information about each sponsorship levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze
Local sponsors will benefit from several key incentives: Advertisement on the Houston NORML website; Advertisement in our mailer flyers for new member packets; Advertisement in our monthly newsletters; and The ability to purchase and sell Houston NORML merchandise at their location(s). Houston NORML will benefit by receiving discounts at local participating sponsors, by collecting a payment in return for sponsorship, and by having merchandise and literature in multiple local stores to spread the word about Houston NORML.

Houston NORML Goes on TOUR

Houston NORML will hold meetings in the surrounding areas of Harris County over the next several months. The goal will be to interest people that live further outside of Houston and would rather attend a meeting closer to home. Houston NORML will appoint a Regional Director to each of the six outlying areas. The Regional Director will oversee operations and initiatives specific to their region and compile reports to be presented to the rest of the Houston NORML board members.
  • Regional Director responsibilities:
    • Conduct monthly meetings within his/her region
    • Obtain locations where meetings are to be held
    • Develop business relations with local stores of his/her region
    • Develop and plan initiatives specific to his/her region
    • Develop and maintain a social media presence for his/her region, in association with Houston NORML
    • Acquire new Houston NORML memberships and report all progress back to Houston NORML
  • Regional Director positions:
    • Katy / West Harris: Regional Director – Andy Melder
    • Galveston: Regional Director – Vacant
    • Liberty: Regional Director – Vacant
    • Brazoria / Pearland: Regional Director – Vacant
    • Fort Bend / Sugar Land: Regional Director – Vacant
    • Chambers / East Harris: Regional Director – Vacant
    • Montgomery / North Harris: Regional Director – Cristina Ybarbo